Welcome to Knowligion: The Official Website

Those who have dedicated their lives to the nearly impossible task of making a new word or idea recognizable would likely want to support anyone that is new to the process of discovering the world that is within each and every one of us, the same world which we are connected to each other by. Here at Knowligion, we're not just another team of people working together to organize and find an efficient way to share the depths of our self-informed experiences with those whose development would most greatly benefit with it.

Everywhere we go, it is our aim to entice you, to attract you, to wear our obsessions on our sleeves and then to release everything you know or thought you knew. Thank you for choosing to learn more about Knowligion.

Congratulations are in order and hold on to any sort of good news that is bound to come up because we will want to hear about absolutely everything. We are very proud of our website and it is our intention to keep our virtual doorways forever unlocked for anyone who knows how to get what they want but probably just forgot about how bad they want it. We all forget things all the time, it's nothing to do anything about here, but as we like to say about Knowligion, "Regardless of what it is, too much is too much." We are only trying to be loose with our interpretational manors. Words written in aether have no passion propelling them into our hearts, unlike a presidential speech or any other dramatic experience, but for those words which happen to stumble upon accepting arms, words which could never find their way into anyone's heart on their own, be sure to be sure, write it out, talk it out, and do whatever you need to do.

This is only the beginning and we all know that there is a lot in this world to know so the team here at Knowligion has done our very best to create some meaningful feelings within a group of massively current memories in order for all of their resemblences to know something completely again. We have sampled not only our own philosophical revelations but also the revelations of the statistical average at that point in time, but we have not yet carved a sheltering disguise from the honesty of a perfectly functional marble of epidermal structuring and the visual aspect of crystal clarity propelling reflections of light beyond the light we know. Enjoy by the thought of our briefness, if by nothing else, that reading does satisfy our need for that which can only be described as reality's geometric manifestation of self-gratifying confusion in the form of an answer. We have all held and confusedly fortified our hearts with the same exact answer that each question, through sly detail and the delusion of humility, spawns light from within the darkness of well-tested obviousness being met with the elusive value of prior obligations or, destiny, as it has long been known as.

As soon as you walk through the door, you are able to understand how no one could have known if they wanted their theoretical intuitions to be right or wrong. The teasing a bully had done is nothing compared to the animalistic nature of time. Its ability to simultaneously preserve chaos within every opportunity where the intention to promote order has ever been written. It is a noble art in the wisest of times, a journey in search of familiarity with merciless critics along every stretch of light we see. 

Two starkly different ways of conveying a message have multiplied into millions of perfectly justifiable opinions that are remultiplying again, but this time, even faster. If Knowligion didn't take any reservations along on its campaign for each sanity's necessarry paradise. There is no greater story than the one of blind redemption's defining moment of sacrifice. As plain as day, in sound and in light, does a revolution gaze within the value of zeal and the experience of knowledge rather than upon the attitude of some indeterminable reactor's practise of the same thing.

Live and be rich, learn and be filled, love and be loved, and know that God and your soul, both shreiking with laughter, are overcome with your demonstration of love more and more each and every time.