Welcome to Knowligion: The Official Website

Those who have dedicated their lives to the nearly impossible task of making a new word or idea recognizable would likely want to support anyone that is new to the process of discovering the world that is within each and every one of us, the same world which we are connected to each other by. Here at Knowligion, it is our aim to entice you, to attract you, to draw into your obsessions and then to release you from everything you know or thought you knew. Thank you for choosing to learn more about Knowligion. Congratulations are in order. If what may come to be seen as the most detailed piece of art in the form of literature is something that anyone who can read is able to experience, then perhaps we can make knowing something feel more like being friends with someone. The changes that need to occur will not never begin to happen if no one is willing to create the bridge to the other side and serve as the guide that any smooth transition neccesitates.


Growing a large family, in every sense of the word, the size of a rainforest, out of the seeds that are these written words is like unlocking a room full of new friends with a key that appeared in your hand only after no one answered your knock. As soon as you walk through the door, you are able to realize that no one could let you in because they would not have been able to participate in surprising and welcoming you similar to the feeling of finishing a long novel and feeling as though you are the character who stared in the face of danger and overcame all odds is now finally able to relax and see that all of the other characters wanted you to succeed, instantly making the size of your family that much bigger.


Poetry and critical analysis of historical events are two starkly different ways of conveying a message, so, since most autobiographies seem to have a theme of redemption, pairing both methods of description, side-by-side, is the Knowligion approach that many autobiographers will find themselves utilizing after they overcome the anxiety that setting out to accomplish a long-term goal causes to arise. If it is possible, in this day and age, to publish just about anything in an electronic format, then it must also be possible for an author to demonstrate a new writing style and revolutionize how people think while simultaneously remaining true to his/her values.