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This is my blog. I have chosen to remain anonymous. I am a male who was born in 1988 and that is all you really need to know about me. Posts near the top of this page will be my most recent excerpts from my journal. There may be some seriously drasic shifts and it may be better for you to read from the bottom to the top but how my ideas make you feel are not my concern. This is my website and I will publish it as I please.


Create a company/nonprofit that makes products that pretty much everyone needs or wants. The company will promise that the prices of the products will stay competitive until I, the company's founder, earns a total of $1,000,000 from its profits. Then the company will sell the rest of their inventory at half the price so that everyone who could not afford to buy our products has a chance at obtaining those products at much more affordable prices.



Now I am thinking about the video about the book The 10th Dimension. The first dimension is represented as a point, then the second dimension as a two points and a line between them. 

Once you understand that you are a three-dimensional object, you can represent yourself as a dot in the middle of a line, however, we are not just interacting with the Now, we have memories and frontal lobes, our dot has now become a circle on a line. We have access to information about past events from many things including the field of archeology or the browser history on our computers. We also have limited access to information about future events due to the existence of calendars. If we did not know about how it takes 365.25 rotations of the earth in order for our earth to rotate around the sun, our original source of life, or perhaps it would be better to call it the Cradle of Life, then, for all we know, tomorrow could be the end of our existence.



It only took one quick google search to find a website that just so happens to answer the exact question I was curious about.

I graduated high school in 2006. "In 2006, only one person out of every 100 would have had a college education-- today that number has jumped to 7 thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia."

Since I can't speak, read, or write Chinese, only 5% of the world has a chance in understanding what I have to say and most of the people that I can have a conversation with are children so that means that any attempt of mine to resolve linguistic relativities, even if it were written in a way that made readers smile or spoken in a way that made listeners laugh, has only a 2% chance of "going viral". There's something to be said about having a college degree, and more and more people are getting them these days, but it would be a shame not to let you revel in the glory of figuring out exactly what that something is. I can't wait until the world, with all of its gears and wondrous cogs, falls into the hands of youthful intellectuals, the kindred spirits who value others for who they are, and reveals the true nature of language to those who have yet to experience it.


The Order of Knowledge

I'm thinking about how to describe the benefits of living downtown and being able to see cars and traffic and people from your window or balcony. The idea seems to be similar to that of LCD television technology in the sense that watching moving objects is better than staring at trees on a windless day. The idea that, regardless of what you are focusing on, gears are always turning just like the unconscious is always gathering and processing data. That means that it is possible that watching traffic navigate a roundabout from an elevated location may be more beneficial than staring/watching traffic in just about any town. Then the idea becomes to design a high rise hotel/apartment that has a flower petal pattern of streets and service drives in order to create a three-dimensional infinity loop. If these roadways are able to be designed like highway on-ramps, and without traffic lights, the effects of staring at cars traveling on these "roundabouts" would potentially be beneficial to an absolutely beautiful degree. The higher flora of the building could have magified glass sections in order to allow gazing downward less of a effort-filled task when trying to focus on a particular spot in the middle of the traffic. Perhaps the building would not even need to be very tall. Perhaps the majority of the construction costs would be in the flower-design of the roads or in the landscaping costs.

Anyone can write a poem that does or that doesn't make sense. Not anyone can prove a point or convey the genius ness of an idea in writing due to the difficult nature of remembering what you want to write while trying to catch up one's diction in order to lead into each new idea before losing any major parts. 


I would enjoy retyping PDFs that cannot be scanned into an ebook format.